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Chewable Breast milk power plus tablet 母乳パワープラスタブレット


It is a supplement to both support the mother's body and breastfeeding. Just consume breast milk power plus in everyday diet, and your body nutrition will be restore which is required for making breast milk. You can firmly assure that the supplement will provide nutrients that reach the baby through...

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Chewable folic acid 60 tablets Green Apple,Grapefruit,Yogu..


Important nutrients during pregnancy, folic acid 400μg supplements. Easily intake of nutrients by tablets supplement. Even if you resistance to supplements, you can consume this supplements like a delicious sweet . In every 2 tablets contain folic acid 400μg, iron 10mg, Vitamin B6, B12. Green apple,...

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Chewable folic acid tablet calcium plus 60 tablets かんでおいしい..


Pre-mama take 2 tablets of folic acid to obtain enough nutrients. During Maternity period,mother who is scarce of iron and calcium. Easy to eat because is made a tablet type. If you resist to take supplement, this tablets is let you feel like a sweet. In 2 tablets, essential nutrients ( folic acid 400μg,...

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Natural Mineral Deoderant stick from Japan Non lotion Non stick Long lasting Effective Made in Japan

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DHC LingZhi, Reishi 霊芝


Anti-Oxident, Anti-Cancer Traditional supplement Widely used by health professionals around the world especially in Japan DHC LingZhi, Reishi 霊芝

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DHC Multi Minerals


Multi-Minerals Made in Japan Esteemed DHC product

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DHC Multi Vitamin


Multi-Vitamins Made in Japan Esteemed DHC product

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Vitamin A Made in Japan Esteemed DHC product

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Vitamin B Made in Japan Esteemed DHC product

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Original DHC Vitamin C Direct from Japan

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Famous Japan Tokyo Banana


Tokyo Banana is a Japanese sweet. It is the souvenir sweet of Tokyo.It is also written "東京バナナ" and "東京ばなな" with the same pronunciation.Once the sponge cake is baked it is steamed to bring out a soft texture, the cream uses strained banana puree for a natural flavour. Tokyo banana Come in different type...

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Fancl Ageing Care Line/ Fancl Aging Care Line


新Fancl Aging Care Lotion 修肤肌底液 原是 活肤补湿液 Lotion DX 30ML 分开水润 清爽 或滋润2种不同配方 请亲们拍下时备注一下噢O( _ )O 修護肌底液 - 滋潤 Aging Care Lotion II 或 修護肌底液 - 水潤 Aging Care Lotion I 膠原補濕修護 活化肌膚吸收力 質感滋潤 補充水盈及膠原修護營養 以納米導入技術加強層層滲透 達至高效補濕修護 活化肌膚吸收力 回復飽滿柔滑 成分 三肽膠原蛋白 棗果精華 水解酵母 歐錦葵花精華 香甜豌豆花精華 水潤鮮膠原蛋白 透明質酸 用法 每个人不同 大约3 8滴左右 容量 30ml

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