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Breast milk power plus 母乳パワープラス
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Breast milk power plus  

It is a supplement to both support the mother's body and breastfeeding.
Just consume breast milk power plus in everyday diet, and your body nutrition will be restore which is required for making breast milk.
You can firmly assure that the supplement will provide nutrients that reach the baby through breast milk feeding.

Breastfeeding mother most popular required nutrients are iron, folic acid, calcium, well-balanced and blended dietary fiber and 10 vitamins is included.

It is easy to consume, tablet type of small grains and easy to consume. 1 day eat 3 tablets with water.

Net Weight :

90 tablets (36g) 400mg×90粒

How to Consumes: 

※1 day 3 tablets

Ingredient : 

Cornstarch, indigestible dextrin, vitamin E-containing vegetable oil, shellfish calcium, cellulose, VC, calcium stearate, niacin, iron pyrophosphate, calcium pantothenate, VA, V.B12, pastes (pullulan), V.B2, V. B6, V.B1, VD, folic acid 
There is no raw materials and allergic substance used of the ingredients.

Nutritional Information(per 3 tablets) : 

Energy: 2.5kcal, protein: 0.03g, lipid: 0.08g, carbohydrates: 0.2g, dietary fiber: 0.4g, sodium: 1.7mg, calcium: 160mg, iron: 2.5mg, Vitamin A: 340 ~ 870μg, vitamin B1 : 1.3mg, vitamin B2: 1.8mg, vitamin B6: 1.5mg, vitamin B12: 3.2μg, folic acid: 340μg, pantothenic acid: 5mg, niacin: 14mg, Vitamin C: 145mg, vitamin D: 1.6 ~ 4.5μg, vitamin E : 0.8 ~ 3.0mg


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