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Suntory Royal Jelly +Sesamin E
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"What is so special about Royal Jelly?"


Royal Jelly is a milky white viscous liquid secreted by bees after eating pollen, nectar, etc., and synthesised within the bee throat. It is called 'Royal' because this liquid is prepared by worker bees especially for their queen bee's consumption. It is the most highly pure and nutritious food. Queen bees rely on it to maintain a strong vitality. This is evident with queen bees's average body length that is 3 times the worker bees and with life expectancy of 40 times higher! On top of it, queen bees needed to execute daily strenuous job of laying around 2000 eggs per day! Researchers around the world are amazed by the superb capacity and vitality of the queen bees. Many studies were conducted and they tends to lead to the same answer. That is the secret is with the Royal Jelly with its unparalleled concentration of nutrients.


Weight Per Bottle: 66.0 g (550mgX120 Tablets) 
Every bottle is sealed and bubble-wrapped.
Every 4 Tablets contain:
Royal Jelly- 1800mg
Sesamin- 10mg
Calcium- 190mg
Vitamin C- 100mg
Vitamin E- 9mg

Dried Royal Jelly, Lactose, Shellfish Calcium, Maltitol, Milk Calcium,Gelatin, Vitamin C, Starch, Sucrose
Fatty Acid Ester, Vitamin E, Calcium Carbonate, Arabian Gum, Sesamin

4 tablets per day
Pls consume with plain water
Pls do not over-consume
Please Take Note :

☆ Keep away from direct sunlight
☆ Close the lid tightly and keep in a cool and dry place
☆   Please check the ingredients carefully if you are concerned about allergies.
☆  Please stop consumption if any itchiness, rashes or gastrointestinal discomfort occurs
☆ If you are under any medications, please consult your doctor before taking this product
☆  Please refrain children, people with asthma, and pregnant or breast-feeding women from consumption

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