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Shiseido Collagen Enrich
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Authentic Domestic Edition Shiseido Collagen Enrich

Original from Japan


SHISEIDO The Collagen Enriched drink 50ml High Beauty drink!! Directly shipped from Japan!!


The person who wants to keep beauty forever/The person who wants to take in collagen positively willingly/The person who has a strong beauty awareness.



The beauty that is just higher-grade as for the collagen and the hyaluronic acid, the basic function. Shiseido "the collagen enriched" combines a Eucommia ulmoides leaf supporting power to draw beauty including low molecular fish collagen, Korai carrot, a lotus embryo, Amla fruit extract, hyaluronic acid, 18 kinds of ingredients including coenzyme Q10 luxuriously. It is patent acquisition beauty drink for every day lustrous youthfully.
Patent acquisition beauty food 
*Patent the 3308433rd:Patent 
about the beauty of the combination ingredient Non-caffeine / preservation charges no addition 
It combine a beauty support ingredient producing beauty in a good balance.
A combination ingredient (quantity of combination /1 day)
● low molecules fish collagen:1000mg
● supermarket needle up ingredient (a Eucommia ulmoides leaf, Korai carrot, a lotus embryo)
A Eucommia ulmoides leaf (original crude drug conversion):1500mg
Korai carrot (original crude drug conversion):500mg
Lotus embryo extract:100mg
● Amura fruit extract ( new ingredient ):100mg
A euphorbiaceous plant native of India.
It is fruit used for beauty and health for a long time in India.
● moisture peptide:35mg
● N- acetylglucosamine:100mg
● dove wheat (original crude drug conversion):1000mg
● elastin:10mg
● chondroitin sulfate:30mg
● ceramide 1200μg
● vitamin C:100mg
● vitamin E:10mg
● vitamin B2:4mg
● vitamin B6:9mg
● coenzyme Q10:30mg
● hyaluronic acid:30mg
● black pepper extract:0.5mg



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