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Shinya Koso Yoru Osoi Gohandemo Late Night Meal DIET Enzyme 150 tablets 新谷酵素夜遅いごはんでもDiet
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Shinya Koso Yoru Osoi Gohandemo Late Night Meal DIET Enzyme
150 tablets 
6 tablets x 30 packets per Box
Shinya Koso Japan has been producing high quality enzyme without heat treatment which kills living enzymes. Shinya's enzyme helps to dissolve foods and not to absorb carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is suitable for the people who have irregular meals on regular basis.

Cultured rice malt bacterium extracts, papya processing, isomalto-oligosaccaride, dextrin, garcinia cambogia extract, yeast (includes zinc), Chinese cinnamon, peppermint powder, spore bearing lactobacillus, ginger extract, citric acid, folic acid etc... 

Instruction of Use:
5 tablets for one dose with glass of water, 1 - 3 times a day before each meal

*Please consult the specialists before using if you have allergy or other concerns.
*Please stop using when you feel bad.
*Keep off if you are in pregnancy or in breast feeding.
Best before sleeping



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