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Japan Lupicia THE MARI Flower Tea
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Artisanal tea, rolles by hand, Taste the quality.
Flowers and tea laves woven to make a pretty ball, and scented with jasmine flowers. You will find that such a delicate blossom looks beautiful in a glass mug.

5 types: (1 piece)


Pure, white flowers bloom over a lovely bed of yellow chrysanthemum.


A gorgeous butterfly dances over vibrant yellow flowers. Great for festive occasions.


A dignified red lily blooms underneath a wreath of beautiful white flowers, expressing our wishes for love and peace.


A delicate rose blooms over a vibrant chrysanthemum. This blooming tea has an elegant aroma of jasmine and rose. Perfect for graceful tea time.


Beautiful jasmine floats above a bright red chrysanthemum, just like wafting white clouds over the sun.



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