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Japan Jill Stuart Treatment Hair Mist
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200 ml

[Product Description ]
● Cuticle Compounding Hyaluronic Acid Derivative Effects, hair mist excellent treatment effect.
It penetrates so as to fill the space between the cuticles and has the effect of suppressing the turnover of the cuticle raised while giving moisture.
It fringes smoothly, supple and slippery hair.
● Protect your hair from damage such as friction.
I will repair the hair which the damage has progressed with a passion and drying etc. firmly to the tip of the hair.
● Plant-derived oil that gives softness and suppleness coats the surface of the hair, it freshens soft hair with supple texture.
● Protect your hair from damage of brushing and heat of dryer.
● Prevents smelling like smoking.
● Transparency, a design with white as the main color with a sense of cleanliness. In the label part, I treated a pretty little floral print and pointed to the brand color pink. Ribbon charm is attached to the cap neck with mist type.
● Aromatic floral scent of floral bouquet.

[How to use]
● Spray on dry hair and towel-dried hair, 5 to 10 cm apart, please let me fit.

【Cosmetic agent】
Cuticle repair ingredients : Hyaluronic acid derivative Emollient component: Plant derived oil


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