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Japan Jill Stuart Relaxation Hand Cream
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【Product Features】
● This is a hand cream with a lot of Moisturizing Effect Rose Honey, Orange Honey, Lavender Honey, Lazy Star Fruit, Madonna Lily, Peony's Plants and Silk Moisturizing Ingredients.
● Plenty of shea butter that contains a lot of oleic acid to increase permeability.
In addition, it combines high cholesterol derivatives, which are intercellular lipid components, high in taste and stickiness, sticky, comfortable without feeling with galls.
● Highly hydratable oil holds moisture and does not escape, and petrolatum with more emollient effect creates a smooth protective film on the surface.
It protects hands and nails which are prone to being exposed to a dry environment, and a moist feeling lasts.
● Transparency, a design with white as the main color with a sense of cleanliness.
In the label part, I treated a pretty little floral print and pointed to the brand color pink.
It is a silver cap of brilliant cut.
● Aromatic floral scent of floral bouquet.

[How to use]
● Take an appropriate amount and let it fit in your hands.

【Beauty agent】
Moisturizing ingredients: Rose honey, orange honey, lavender honey, star fruit (gorenshi) leaf extract, madonna lily (root) extract, peony (button) extract, hydrolyzed silk, glycerin



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