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Japan Jill Stuart Relax hair Mask N
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194 g

【Product Features】
● Each time you use it, it is wrapped in a scent with sweet and happy feeling, and a honorable scent continues until the next morning.
The fragrance and moist feeling has been upgraded and newly reborn.
● The base containing plenty of beauty essence ingredients gives firm moisture to the hair damaged by drying and damage, intensive repair.
It will moist like a silk moistly to a smooth and coherent hair.
● Beauty liquid ingredients such as Argan oil supplement moisture, weakly acidity and moderately attract cuticles.
It also prevents squeaking of the hair during rinsing.
● Honey & Floral essence ingredients and hair repair ingredients are sent to the interior of the hair, high adhesion oil firmly gives oil to the dry hair, and moisture will not be missed.
Recommended for hair that tends to dry with damage.
● A base with rich coat firmly coats one hair and makes it smooth with fingers as smooth as you can fulfill a hair with gloss like jewels.
● Color care prescription to increase the richness of hair color.
Repair damage due to repeated hair color and prevent color fading.
● Cuticle tightening ingredients · hair coding ingredients · color keep CMC repair ingredients formulation.
● Aromatic floral scent of floral bouquet.
● Clear, clean feeling CLEAN & MODERN design.
It is a cap with a crystal motif like a diamond in a simple bottle based on white that enters the bathroom.

[How to use]
● After shampoo, apply the appropriate amount to the whole hair, rinse thoroughly after 2 ~ 3 minutes.
Amount of use: semi-long, cherries grain large 2
※ Please use 1 to 2 times per week as a guide.
You can also use it daily according to the condition of the hair.

【Beauty agent】
essence ingredient : ● Argan oil · Apricot oil · Pearl extract · Rose honey · Orange honey · Lavender honey (moisturizing)


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