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Japan Jill Stuart Relax Shampoo N
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【Product Features】
● Weak acid shampoo with nonsilicon to wash up with lustrous tsuyaku hair. Scent and moist feeling has been upgraded and newly reborn. 
● Fluffy foam wraps up to the dirt of the scalp, drops the excess sebum to prepare a healthy scalp environment. It is also recommended as scalp care. 
● Combination of hypoallergenic amino acid cleaning ingredients in a balanced manner. It is a scalp-friendly wash-up. 
● Beauty liquid ingredients such as Argan oil supplement moisture, weakly acidity and moderately attract cuticles. The hair which is tilted to alkalinity by hair color, it will make a mild weak acidity of hair. It also prevents the squeaking of the hair during rinsing and washes it to shiny or kana hair. 
● Color care prescription to increase the richness of hair color. Repair damage due to repeated hair color and prevent color fading. 
● Cuticle tightening ingredients · Hair coating ingredients · Color keep CMC repair ingredients formulation. 
● Aromatic floral scent of floral bouquet. 
● Clear & clean design with CLEAN & MODERN design. A simple bottle based on white that enters the bathroom is a cap with a crystal motif like a diamond. 

[How to use]
● After moistening the hair well, take an appropriate amount into the palm, wash gently while lathering, rinse thoroughly. 

【Beauty agent】
essence ingredients ● Argan oil · Apricot oil · Pearl extract · Rose honey · Orange honey · Lavender honey · Star fruit extract · Glycerin (moisturizing) 



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