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Japan Jill Stuart Relax Hair Oil
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60 ml

【Product Feature】
● Essence liquid ingredients A lot of oils quickly adapt to your hair, moist and moisturized to hair with cohesion.
Give moisture firmly to the hair damaged by drying and damage, intensive repair. It prevents cuts and split ends.
● Argan oil and other essence ingredients, instantly caring for hair damaged by color.
● Combination of well-balanced light oil and oil with moist and emollient feeling in good balance.
I firmly coded one hair, and it gets moist and gathers hair without stickiness.
● Protect your hair from damages such as ultraviolet rays and dryers, brushing damage, and keep it healthy.
● Hair coating ingredients · CMC repair ingredients · UV cut ingredients formulated.
Every time you use ●, sweet and fragrant like happiness perfume spread throughout your hair.
● Aromatic floral scent of floral bouquet.
● Clear, clean feeling CLEAN & MODERN design.
A bottle with a sense of transparency feeling freshness has a handle of white floral.

【How to use】
● 1 ~ 2 push Take it to the palm of your hand and apply it to the area you are concerned about the bruise such as hair tip well.
● 2 to 3 push by semi-long is appropriate amount.
● You can use it for both dry hair and half dry hair.

[Beauty agent]
Serum components : ● Argan oil · Apricot oil · Macadamia nut oil · Almond oil · Kukui nut oil · Camellia oil (emollient)


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