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Japan Jill Stuart Relax Body Milk R
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【Product Features】
● spread smoothly with a mellow touch, penetrated so as to sink into it. It is a body milk that is lichy, rich in moisture, soft and dense, glossy skin. 
● Contains moisture ingredients such as white strawberry extract, calendula extract, damask rose extract and emollient ingredients such as mango seed oil, novara extract, rosehip oil, shea butter. By covering the surface with Firming Oil, I firmly confine the moisture and it will last for a smooth dirt till next morning. 
- In a clean & modern image of JILL STUART RELAX, romantic design which studded flowers such as rose while using pink as the base. The neck of the cap with a motif reminiscent of diamonds comes with a Sentid White ribbon charm. 
● Tuberose & scent of rose. 

[How to use]
● Take an appropriate amount and make it to the body. 
※ Please put your finger on the protruding part of the top surface and let the cap push up straight and open it. 

[Beauty agent]
moisturizing ingredients:  (Tuberose & Rose Milk)
white strawberry extract · mango seed oil · calendula extract · damask rose extract · novara extract · rosehip oil · shea butter 

Moisturizing ingredients: (Body Milk)
Rose honey, orange honey, lavender honey, star fruit (gorenshi) leaf extract, madonna lilly (root) extract, peony (button) extract, hydrolyzed silk, glycerin 



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