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Japan Albion Extract RS Mask
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3 sets (3 upper masks and 3 lower masks) 

How to use
The order of pasting on the skin is mask 1 (lower) → mask 2 (upper). 
Open the bag from the opening and remove the film on the right side of the mask from the corners, hold the mask on both sides, and gently take out. 

Please note that masks may be torn if you pull out the mask without peeling off the film inside the bag ※. 
Please note that the mask may be torn if the mask gets scratched by nails etc. ※. 
* When you take out a mask, please note that drops may fall, so please do not cover clothes etc. 

1. After the milky lotion, put it from the mouth part of the mask 1 (lower side) according to the shape of the mouth, let it fit the skin while holding the outline from the cheek to the chin. Adjust with the cut-out part on the lower side of the chin, and bring it into close contact neatly. 

2. Next, let the mask 2 (upper) fit from the eye part to the shape of the eyes and let it fit the skin while keeping the contour from the top to the bottom. While aligning with the cut-out portion of the inner corner, make close contacts cleanly. 

3. After about 5 minutes peel off the mask and let the skin that you remained on your skin well adapt to your skin. After that, please use a lotion


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