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Hokkaido Sapporo Maruyama Zoo Ramen
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Maruyama Sakashita ground in Sapporo, Hokkaido, to Maruyama Park in in 1950, I was invited to move from Ueno Zoo Zoo. 
This is the large turnout, Maruyama Park region became a starfish unprecedented. 
Zoo we opened (10 th in the nation) that people become obsessed with pretty animal, voice of "the zoo in Sapporo" increases, for the first time in Hokkaido to Children's Day of 1951. 
Then, and enhance animal, amenities is achieved, it becomes attendance of about comparable population of Sapporo at the time (about 1.24 million people) until the visit in 1974, as a place of recreation and relaxation for Sapporo citizens I was allowed to establish itself. Polar bear was declared a threatened species in 2006 under the influence of global warming. Sapporo Maruyama Zoo is a zoo that efforts to breeding and rearing of polar bears from 1963, was successful in breeding. Part of the sales of white bear salt ramen has been donated as rice generations of animals of Maruyama Zoo.

Famous Hokkaido Maruyama Zoo Ramen now in Singapore



"Maruyama Zoo Polar Bear Salt Ramen"
from launch, has been attracting attention as instant noodles pretty package. 
Moreover, not only cute, was low-temperature aging dry to eat, delicious noodles is picked up, in the media of radio or TV, it became the topic enough to be taken up again and again. 
From it, order one after another across the country, gained popularity in the state about the shortage persists is "Maruyama Zoo polar bear salt ramen". 
And I now that a new taste to appear in this popular ramen. 
Polar Bear now is [soy sauce]. Package will also be pink, in the pink of soy sauce taste of the new release and white or salt ramen, I became a red and white auspicious white. 

What are you waiting for?

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