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Hakkaido Letao Baked Cheese Biscuits Biscuit Au Fromage チーズクッキー「ビスキュイ オ フロマージュ」
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Hakkaido Letao Baked Cheese Biscuits Biscuit Au Fromage
Each box 20 pieces

World's most delicious 
produce the cheese, baked

Let's make the world's best cheese baked confectionery. 
Was born from such a thought is the cheese cookies that biscuit au fromage.
Use the material that was carefully selected, was thoroughly richly finish the taste and aroma of the cheese.Cheese flavor and cookies of sweetness that mouth-filling, and Doke mouth like Horo Ttohodokeru. 
Finished to the highest of cheese cookies ever.

Balance of sweet and salty

At the end of the trial and error that pursuit of the ideal, with combined cheesiness and cookies likeness, cheese cookies balance of sweet and salty it can be said that the new taste was completed. When placed in the mouth first, and spread the smell of cheese and taste. Then receive a likely cookies sweetness, and finally put together the entire salty that was included in the dough.

It was examined from all over the world, 
commitment cheese

What is the best cheese to cheese cookie making. To examine the characteristics of the taste and flavor of each of cheese, Hokkaido, European production, and are used divide the Australian and locality.Use the cheese was in powder form asked the rich flavor of more cheese. Cheese skip the moisture has also helped in texture, such as unwinding of cookies. Exactly, it is a cheese that has been carefully selected for cheese cookies.

Biscuit au fromage Gouda cheese and Cheddar cheese

Gouda cheese and Cheddar cheeseGouda cheese and Cheddar cheese
Korezo a piece of cheese cookies. 
To mix plain Gouda cheese and Cheddar cheese darker, and finished with a cheese feeling of most royal road of the three species. Please to raisins and together with cashew nuts and refreshing sweet popular.

Biscuit au fromage Camembert cheese and black pepper

Camembert cheese and black pepperCamembert cheese and black pepper
Tangy and spicy crisp flavor. 
Select the Camembert cheese with a distinctive character to the more taste, it was further plus a punch in the black pepper. 
Almond and light sour Camembert cheese and the marriage of cranberry to meet Pepper.

Biscuit au fromage gorgonzola cheese & basil

Camembert cheese and black pepperCamembert cheese and black pepper
Like dying blue cheese. 
A unique flavor and herbs sense of basil of Gorgonzola cheese, for lovers of blue cheese in irresistible finish. Garnish as well as pecan nuts and figs, here is also a unique combination.
チーズクッキー「ビスキュイ オ フロマージュ」



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