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Hokkaido Japan Limited Hello Kitty Foldable Neck Cushion S..


Hokkaido Japan Limited Hello Kitty Foldable Neck Cushion Soft Stuffed Toy 30 x 15 x 13cm 北海道限定 ラベンダーキティ 2WAYネックピロー 長さ 300mm 150mm 130mm ポリスチレン発泡ビーズ

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Japan San X Jinbei Stuffed Cushion Pad じんべえさん ぬいぐるみ じんべえさん..


Japan San X Jinbei Stuffed Cushion Pad size About 380 260 140mm Material Super sticky bore made, marshmallows polyester cotton じんべえさん ぬいぐるみ じんべえさんとまいごのこくじら 約380 260 140mm すーぱーもちもちボア製 マシュマロポリエステル綿

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日本三麗鷗Hello Kitty限定版毛公仔 Last Piece Japan Sanrio Hello Kitty..


原裝日本三麗鷗產品 size Package size: about 45 24 17 cm materials polyester Details Stuffed animals are temporarily stopped with threads. Please cut off the thread so as not to hurt. Set contents Accessories Stuffed animal set of 4 (Kitty, Mimi, Joey of the mouse, Loti of the squirrel)

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