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Fancl Moisturizing Lotion I N/O モイスチャライジング 化粧液 I さっぱり 水盈肌底液 - 水潤
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Moisturizing Lotion I (N/O)

Improves dryness and rough texture of the skin

Improves dryness and rough texture of the skin

High moisturizing lotion that delivers Non-greasy lotion instantly absorbs, quickly moisturizes and conditions, leaving the skin smooth and fresh.

Directions for use
Take a quarter-size amount of lotion in the palm of your hand and apply directly to the cleansed face thoroughly. (Do not apply our lotion with a cotton ball)

How to Open
1) TWIST the cap counter-clockwise to open
2) REMOVE the ring from the cap
3) DISPOSE the ring
4) PUT the cap back on by twisting clockwise until you hear it click

*Free of preservatives, sterilizers, petroleum surfactants, fragrances, mineral oil, and mildly acidic, and date of manufacture printed.

モイスチャライジング 化粧液 I さっぱり

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    未開封/1年以内  開封後/60日以内

水盈肌底液 - 水潤

護膚品 | 日常護理系列


功效 : 質感水潤輕盈,特別加入補濕誘導精華,打開肌膚吸水機能,達到深層源源補濕,令肌膚嫩滑,水盈飽滿。
容量 : 30 mL x 1支
成分 : 棉子糖、鮮蜂皇漿補濕誘導精華、純米發酵保濕精華、歐錦葵花精華、香甜豌豆花精華、水潤鮮膠原蛋白、透明質酸
使用方法 : 潔面後,用約3-8滴分量的肌底液輕輕塗搽全面。可在特別乾燥的部位重複塗抹。



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