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Fancl Beauty Supplement Series
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Fancl Beauty Supplements 
Beauty Vitamin & Collagen 
180 tablets
30 day supplies
Formulated with HTC Collagen, vitamins and minerals to strengthen the foundation of your inner beauty.

White Advance
180 tablets
30 days supplies
Supports whitening using Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein to even out skin tone, lighten existing pigmentation, and reduce skin damage by removing harmful active oxygen caused by UV rays.

Bright Lift
180 tablets
30 days supplies
Formulated with Apple Polyphenol to prevent old collagen buildup caused by photo-aging and promotes anti-aging care for firmer and more radiant skin.

Clear Control AC
120 tablets
30 days supplies
Formulated for men and women who suffer from frequent acne breakouts. Helps stabilize acne conditions and controls skin oiliness.

Moist Hyaluronic Acid
30 tablets
30 days supplies
Delivers intensive moisturizing while N-acetylglucosamine boosts skins moisture rentention and ceramide strengthens barrier function to make skin supple and beautiful.

Beauty component and nutrients are included in this.
For example, HTC collagen, Vitamins and minerals derived from kale, Ceramide. 
This makes up for your missing nutrients. 
It is very easy to drink with citrus flavor.
Please continue for one week.
That way, your body will change comfortable.

 The aim of the 1 day 

1 stick 

Component per 11.6g (one stick)

Dietary fiber: 0.70g, Sodium: 6.3 ~ 16mg, Potassium: 29 ~ 117mg,Calcium: 16 ~ 42mg, Magnesium: 2.6 ~ 9.7mg, Iron: 0.04 ~ 0.09mg, β-carotene: 56 ~ 440μg, Vitamin C: 25 ~ 69mg, Vitamin E: 0.11 ~ 0.33mg, Vitamin K: 15 ~ 44μg, Folic acid: 15μg, Ceramide: 600μg, HTC collagen (tripeptide containing high amount of collagen peptide): 300mg, Vitamin P (hesperidin): 50mg, Citric acid: 104 ~ 223mg, Total chlorophyll: 1.9 ~ 6.1mg, SOD-like activity: 7800-22000 units, Lutein: 0.22 ~ 0.57mg 


※ Milk, Apple, Gelatin are included in a part of the raw materials for this article. Please do not eat people with food allergies. 

※ Please have it in consultation with your doctor if you are taking the medicine and you are subject to limit intake of vitamin K . (Such as anticoagulants in particular )



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