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Eisai Chocola BB Series Beauty, Whitening, Lucent C, Oral Ulcers, Beauty Collagen Supplements
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Eisai Chocola BB Series Beauty, Whitening, Lucent C, Oral Ulcers Supplements 

Stomatitis is painful, it does not enjoy those precious delicious!

The back side of the lips and cheeks, mouth sores that can be in the mucous membrane of the tongue. 
Great pains to have appetizing cuisine in front of the eye, 
Nante enjoy the meal because the try, and very unreasonable!

The maximum amount of the active form of vitamin B2, which is referred to as a "mucous membrane of vitamin" ※ was formulated "Chocola BB plus"

Eisai Chocola BB plus

Rough skin, commentary acne, the reason why the work in stomatitis in the video!

Chocola BB plus of the active form of vitamin B2 is good for stomatitis!

Cause of stomatitis busyness and stress, diet.  Disturbance of the nutritional balance, the original of stomatitis.

Easy to can stomatitis is, when you feel the busy schedule and stress, also than a diet? 
As it stomatitis you, but a big reason that you can, such as bacteria and scratches becomes the trigger, you will be considered a disturbance of the nutritional balance. In particular, related to the health of the mucosa vitamin B 2 and vitamin B 6 is important. Repeat that can also be immediately cured remains undernourished. To firmly improve the stomatitis is the active form of vitamin B 2compounded the Chocola BB Plus!

Such as by a fever ... busy night owl opportunity many of the tired eating out and drinking and lack of sleep stress cold for lack of vitamin B2

Break the vicious circle of stomatitis of care "you can Once healed!"  It is valid only of drug drink in stomatitis.

If she can, to not be also enough meal afraid that the pain and try and scared, lack of further vitamins. Vicious circle of pain and not sleep at night, can not be easily improved. Stomatitis, Chaimashou improvement in the pharmaceutical just take a pill small. Chocola BB is, to protect the mucous membranes of your mouth from trouble, healthy to keep enhancing blended vitamin B group. It is an ally to continue to improve and relieve symptoms of unpleasant stomatitis.

Break the vicious cycle of "can Once healed!"  It is valid only of drug drink in stomatitis.

The maximum amount ※ incorporating the active form of vitamin B2.  Action from inside the body Chocola BB plus to stomatitis.

Protect the health of the mucous membrane, which serves to maintain the active form of vitamin B 2 the maximum amount compounded drugs were, Chocola BB plus.Work directly in the body of the active form of vitamin B 2 is, help the reincarnation of the skin cells, to meet the skin in a healthy cell. Meal established a vitamin balance in care to drink a tablet even when painful much can not, support the health of the mucous membranes. The repetition can stomatitis is firmly improvement to go its own prescription.

Effective ingredients to stomatitis 
Chocola BB series

  • Chocola BB plus

    Chocola BB plus

Third drug class

To those who want to improve the stomatitis to be worried about from inside the body

From the inside of the body, to prevent the worsening of stomatitis, work on the improvement of five B vitaminsblended. Easy to compensate properly for the lost easy component. Work directly in the body active form of vitamin B 2 with vitamin B 6 is to protect the mucous membranes from damage, maintain the health. Not as long as the fly, we will continue to improve care, the symptoms from vitamin deficiencies.

Chocola BB plus

Third drug class

  • The maximum amount ※ incorporating the active form of vitamin B2
  • High unit blended effective B vitamins to maintain healthy mucosa
  • Tablet type of easy to drink small
  • Opening and closing easy one-touch cap

Mucosa and care, healthy maintained

  • Active form of vitamin B2
  • +
  • Vitamin B6

Vitamin B 1 + pantothenic acid + nicotinic acid amide

Stomatitis both acne, are you to recommend to be worried about ...

Chocola BB Pure

Vitamin C plus compounding!

Can be compounded the nutritional components that you want to take in frequent also for stomatitis of care. The maximum amount was formulated the day the active form of vitamin B 2 plus vitamin C to. 
Vitamin C helps the production of collagen, works to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Help the metabolism of cells, and improve the trouble of the mucous membranes, such as stomatitis.

Check the product details
Chocola BB Pure

Third drug class

  • The maximum amount ※ incorporating the active form of vitamin B2
  • Vitamin C formulations to support the health maintenance of the skin and mucous membranes
  • Vitamin B1 to keep the skin natural cycle, vitamin B6, nicotinic acid amide
  • Active form of vitamin B2

    protect from damage
  • +
  • Vitamin C

    The health of the mucous membrane 
    to maintain

Anytime, anywhere, easily stomatitis the to those who want to care

Chocola BB stomatitis repair shot

New release!  Work directly to the affected area in the W action of sterilization and mucosal repair

CPC to clean and sterilize the mouthand, effective azulene the mucous membranes of the repair blended. In W action of sterilization and mucosal repair, just not also lobbied directly, such as inflammation and swelling of the throat of throat stomatitis, will continue to improve the symptoms.

Chocola BB stomatitis repair shot

Third drug class

  • Compounding the CPC with a bactericidal action
  • Blended effective azulene the mucous membranes of the repair
  • Refreshing menthol taste
  • In a convenient cap with a bottle in a portable, hand is stain-resistant spray type
  • Azulene

    Mucosal repair component
  • +
  • CPC

    Bactericidal component

Stains, freckles to blended Chocola BB Lucent C vitamin C 600mg and L- cysteine ​​240mg, colorless the melanin from the bottom of the epidermis.  Vitamin B2 · B6 compounding, normalizing metabolism (turnover) of the skin.

Stains , freckles of relaxation

  • POINT 1

    Blended vitamin C600mg and L- cysteine ​​240mg. By reducing power (antioxidant power), and colorless the melanin from the bottom of the epidermis, we will regain the original beautiful skin.

  • POINT 2

    Vitamin B 2 · B 6 is to normalize the turnover of the skin, vitamin E will encourage the emission of black melanin.

Chocola BB Lucent C
Third drug class

Spots, freckles of relaxation

Moisture bouncing Jun glossy life beauty Chocola collagen low molecular collagen, vitamin B1 · B2 · B6, vitamin C, niacin, Bantoten acid, well-balanced blend of seven of cosmetic ingredients.  The Haritsuya to every day.

Moisture bouncing Jun (sell) gloss life

  • POINT 1

    Vitamin C, as well as help maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes, with antioxidant nutrients. Vitamin B 6 is a nutrient to keep the health maintenance of production and the skin and mucous membranes of energy from protein.

  • POINT 2

    Balanced mix the seven beauty Chikara.

  • POINT 3

    Easy to continue daily tablet type.

Beauty Chocola collagen

Functional food nutrition (vitamin C · vitamin B 6 )



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