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Asahi Slim Up Slim Shake アサヒ スリムアップスリム 日本原装正品朝日Asahi slim up 代餐低卡 纤体瘦身美容奶昔
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Asahi Slim Up Slim Shake  
アサヒ スリムアップスリム
日本原装正品朝日Asahi slim up 代餐低卡 纤体瘦身美容奶昔 



レベルアップコラーゲン + lactic acid bacteria, taste up!
SlimUpSlim precious Sheikh
Latte flavor
360 g (8-24 min) )

Sheikh most popular latte flavors bag type, new.
Price also to deals is お 値段 も に お 得 なって 約 8 食 分 が たっぷり 入りました 。 got plenty of approximately 8 servings.
Decides your favorite, or plus dining, beauty care at tea time and their diet of specifications are available.
Customize diet, the more fun スリムアップスリム.

* スリムアップスリム Sheikh popular vote: according to our Internet search (938) [5/2008 site] 

● care beauty even while dieting.
Balanced vitamins and minerals in diet lack tends to be 15, collagen, CoQ10 and hyaluronic acid can charge.
20 Species, such as the multi vitamin & mineral nutrients!

-Asahi's own [full]-protein formula!
Was mixed with the material [satiety protein] Asahi found from vegetable protein, feeling of fullness last longer.
Japanese are also common ingredients of familiar plant-derived, so the can take.

-Even more delicious in the レベルアップコラーゲン + lactic acid bacteria.
Collagen is a protein important for beauty. Supports beauty with lactic acid bacteria for new formulations, and level up even more delicious.

◆ new combination レベルアップコラーゲン + lactic acid bacteria
Scheme [full-protein] followed by a feeling of fullness in the popular Sheikh contains レベルアップコラーゲン + lactic acid bacteria and the taste up further.
easy shake just mix with 250 ml of water, the calorie control you can easily.

At that time, people
-Calorie control come to mind

Content amount 
Latte flavor
Energy: one meal per approx. 160 kcal

Principal component and amount (in 1-2 bags)
-レベルアップコラーゲン: 5000 mg
• Lactic acid: 50 mg
-CoQ 10: 10 mg
-Hyaluronic acid: 25 mg
-Apple polyphenols: 100 mgg

Ingredients & supplement
[Latte] ( 1 meal per 154 kcal ) soy protein, soluble dietary fiber, skim milk powder, collagen (gelatin), milk protein, sugar, instant coffee, creaming powder, milk products, plant fats and oils, Apple extract, lactic acid powder (sterilization), Coenzyme Q10, citrate K, flavoring, emulsifier, eggshell Ca, polysaccharide, oxide Mg, sweeteners (aspartame and l-phenylalanine compound, Acesulfame-K, sucralose), V.C, hyaluronic acid, V.E, ferric pyrophosphate, Pantothenic acid Ca, niacin , V.B6, V.B2, V.A, V.B1 folic acid, V.D, V.B12

How to eat
1 Day 3 meals out, 1 or 2 diet meals instead replaced please.

[For example...]
Beauty サプリプラン
Accompanying measuring spoon per cup 85 cc water and mix well. 51 KcaL calorie diet support!
Like nutrients in daily meals and collagen plus!

Beauty drink plan
Accompanying measuring spoon 2 tablespoons about 170 cc of water and mix it well.
Calories 103 kcaL diet support!
Light meals and tea too!

-1 Meal every reorientation plan
Accompanying measuring spoon 3 tablespoons mix with approximately 250 cc of water.
154 KcaL calories in diet support!
1 / 3-multi vitamin & minerals!

Dietary habits are the basic staple food, main dishes, side dishes, meal balance.

Nutritional ingredients and spoon 3 tablespoons (45 g) per 
Heat... 153 kcaL protein... 20 g lipid... 1.2 g sugars... 1.1 g dietary fiber... 7.5 g sodium... 150 mg vitamin A... 158 µ g vitamin B1... 0.35 mg vitamin B2... 0.38 mg vitamin B6... 0.34 mg vitamin B12... 0.69 µ g vitamin C... 28 mg vitamin D... 1.9 µ g vitamin E... 3.0 mg niacin... 3.7 mg Pantothenic acid... 2.0 mg folic acid... 70 µ g Calcium... 238 mg magnesium... 88 mg iron... 2.5 mg potassium... 600 mg collagen... 5000 mg CoQ10... products: compounding, 45 g per 10 mg hyaluronic acid... 25 mg Apple polyphenol... 100 mg acidophilus powder (sterilization)... 50 mg

Precautions for use
-In order to prevent an excessive diet, balanced diet 1 day 2 meals as a limit use.
-One containing all the nutrients needed for one meal in the product is not.
-Food allergy who see the raw representation of the package before use.
-May not fit the body rarely hungry loosely by strength and physical condition, such as. In that case please stop using.
-If you are in bad health by calorie restriction diet will be using the better Constitution or health status.
-Pregnancy and breast-feeding, please refrain from use of this product.
-Are currently undergoing treatment, consult your doctor.
-Served soon after the opening.
-May precipitate when dissolved in water, can be fooled, but not on the quality problem.
-This product is only water. Please stop melting in hot water.
● keep out of children's reach.



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