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Japan Lupicia Summer 2017 Limited Natsukoi Lemon Red Tea


Release on May 12, 2017 Period / quantity limited Limited Lemon Red Tea for Summer 4 types of packing - 40g Limited edition in canned - 15.50 - 10 pieces tea bag in limited design box - 15 (2.5g tea bag 10 pieces) - 50g in normal bag - 12.5 - 50g in normal canned - 17

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Japan Tokyo Disneysea Duffy Candy with Duffy Casing ダッフィーの..


Japan Tokyo Disneysea Duffy Candy with Duffy Casing Heart-shaped Candy ダッフィーのキャンディー 中にダッフィーのパッケージに入った飴が入っています

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